LeptoDB: an integrated database of genomics and proteomics resource of Leptospira                         Exploring Leptospiral proteomes to identify potential candidates for vaccine design against Leptospirosis using an immunoinformatics approach

Welcome to LeptoDB

Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), with the support of Govt. of Gujarat has taken an initiative towards Leptospirosis research for the development of early diagnostics and vaccine.

Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal zooanthroponosis caused by pathogenic species of Leptospira with a worldwide distribution and effect in terms of its burden and risk to human health. The disease remains underdiagnosed largely due to broad spectrum of signs and symptoms.

LeptoDB seeks to be a dynamic compendium for meta-information (5,948,311 entries) related to Leptospira making it utilizable for wider research community as a first report. The present database represents genomic and proteomic data of 23 Leptospira species comprising more than 250 serovars which includes pathogenic, intermediate and saprophytic strains as types. As a whole, it comprises more than 500 assemblies including 17 complete genomes and 496 draft genomes encoding 1.7 million proteins.